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Our advisory services help you to maximise the return on your investment. We share and develop an advanced understanding of your property and service needs to deliver effiiciencies and maximise your assets’ life-cycles.


We pride ourselves on helping customers’ understand and control relevant service and budget needs to keep their buildings running in peak condition.

We work alongside landlords and building managers in a proactive way, so that all needs are planned for; including compliance with all relevant regulations and property laws.


Our service plans are developed to care for the health and value of your property whilst reducing downtimes and emergency repair situations.


Our comprehensive review process starts with full assessments of your building’s:


Area: The footprint(s) of the building and land needs to be measured so the cleaning, grounds and security can be accurately priced and accounted for. The land size also needs a proper survey for planning and tax purposes. Understanding the true area of your property lets you know the scope of the work needed.
Assets: The things the building contains and that need to be maintained, from elevators to security systems and HVAC units. All the individual operating assets within the building need to be accounted for so any statutory maintenance can be scheduled and budgeted and the assets protective and operating functions can perform as they were designed to do.
Façade: The overall condition of the building, both internal and external needs to be identified so the aesthetics and feel of the building is kept to a standard (or improved) as the tenants expectations were when they occupied the space.


We provide reports and analytics to support your CAPEX and OPEX planning, shaing financial and operational assessments. We develop options for you to choose the solutions you need.


In order to offer you exactly the details you need, we examine and make recommendations for any or all of the following areas and services:


• Property Audits
• OpEx consulting
• CapEx consulting
• Preventative Maintenance
• Corrective Maintenance
• Predictive Maintenance
• NABERS Assessment and Management


Advisory Services


Whether you are a new property owner or an established one, understanding the environment in which you work and live through a property inspection is always advantageous to your business and quality of life. Facilities management consulting is all about optimising the property inspection to identify spatial data and maintainable assets, alongside other services.


Our property inspections will determine how best to maintain your property as well as ensuring it retains value while also being in strict compliance with all national, state and local standards.